June 24, 2024

Basic Strategy for Playing Double Deck Blackjack

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Basic Strategy for Playing Double Deck Blackjack – Mastering the basic strategy is very important in any game of blackjack and it will also guide your decisions based on the dealer’s upcard and your own cards. Familiarize yourself with the suggested actions for each possible combination, such as hitting, standing, doubling or splitting.

For every game in a casino, the main goal is to reduce the dealer’s advantage. Luckily, blackjack itself is one of the best games to do this. Unlike roulette, craps or jackpot slot games where the outcome is completely random, games such as online poker and blackjack involve an element of skill.

Only Play at Double-Deck 3:2 Blackjack Tables

Start by leaning towards tables with double deck blackjack instead of other tables with more decks. However, if it’s not a 3:2 two-deck blackjack table then you should keep looking. If you are at a high end casino, this may only be in a high limit room. Most of the success occurs at the 3:2 table. Try your best to avoid 6:5 or, even worse, blackjack which offers even odds. The house edge for 6:5 double deck blackjack can be over 1.80%.

Find Blackjack Tables With Best Rules

Once you find a 3:2 blackjack table, set the rules before you start playing. The rules of the game must be according to the table or in the rules section of the live dealer online casino. The double level blackjack rules most liked by players from around the world are as follows:

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What are the Basic Strategies for Playing Double Deck Blackjack?

The dealer must stand on a soft 17.
Players can double any two cards.
Players can double after splitting.
Players can resplit aces.
The dealer standing on soft 17 is the most important rule you need to know in the game of double-deck blackjack. Make sure this rule also applies to your double level blackjack strategy.

Learn to Count Cards

Even though card counting is challenging in today’s casinos due to precautions such as the constant shuffling of machines, let alone being under the supervision of casino staff, it can still be a valuable skill. Understanding which high and low value cards are remaining can give you an edge in adjusting your bets and making decisions.

Pros say it’s a way to guarantee profits in the long run and double-deck blackjack games make it easier to count. When it comes to more decks, the chances of getting good at card counting decrease quickly.

Other Basic Strategy Rules

Some other pointers to include in your strategy include never taking out insurance or “even money.” Also, if there are no lines for the splits (5 and 10,) then look at your hand as a hard total (10 or 20.) Finally, if you can’t split because of restrictions on redistribution, think of your cards as a hard total (except aces.)

In the extremely unlikely event that you have a pair of aces, you cannot redistribute in play and start drawing to split the allowed aces, then multiply by 5 or 6. Otherwise, you must hit.

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